-Are you shipping the music to me or am I ordering a PDF file download?

All sales on this website are exclusively instant PDF file downloads. You can download the sheet music as soon as your order is complete. No shipping charges, no delays, no refunds. If you prefer to get a more traditional hard copy, you can order copies of our deluxe edition from our store partners.

-How do I purchase and download my music?

Simply create an account and enter your credit card information. You can enter a coupon code if you have one before checking out. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email including a link to download your music. You can also access your downloads by logging into your account at Opus Cello. Click on "Completed Orders" and then on "Download Files" next to your order number and your file will begin downloading immediately. Your download links are valid for up to 3 months. You will download a single file that includes all parts and the full score. If you want to print the parts alone, make sure to ask your printer to print those pages only.

-Are your arrangements copyrighted?

 Yes, I own the copyrights to all my arrangements, through the Library of Congress and ASCAP.

 -Can I play them in concert?

 Yes, please! Just mention my name as arranger on the program.

 -Can I record them for a commercial CD album?

 Yes, you can record all of my arrangements. If you are making a CD for a commercial release, the copyright license will have to be cleared with ASCAP and my name will have to be mentioned in the track listings.

 -Can I make a video of me and my friends playing your arrangement and publish it on Youtube?

 Yes, please! As always, just write my name somewhere in the title of the piece as arranger.

 -I heard you in concert with the Boston Cello Quartet performing some of your newest arrangements. I don’t see all of them available on your website. Why is that?

 I put lots of effort into writing my arrangements for the BCQ. While everything will eventually be available to the public one day, there will always be some delay, possibly a few years, while the BCQ is performing those new pieces or recording them.

 -I have a special occasion for which I would like to commission an arrangement for cello ensemble. Can you do it for me?

 Sorry, I don't take commissions anymore.

 -Can you arrange my favorite pop song for cello ensemble?

 Sure I could…but I won’t. The reason is simple: copyright laws. If I arrange a recent pop song (written within the last century!) for you and you perform it with my name as arranger, I could get in trouble for copyright infringement and I don’t want that!

 -What level of cello playing is necessary to play your arrangements?

 Most of my arrangements do require a high level of cello playing. Some of them are easier while others while definitely challenge you. But that is part of the fun, right? It often happens that the top voices will be more challenging technically than the lower ones. I do my best to have a result that sounds good and I promise that nothing I write is impossible!

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